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hello, I am Mrs_PoppilyEverAfter

But you can call me Simone. That's Simone: said SEE - MON, Simmy for short, Simone Michelle Poppleton for long. On a sunny Sunday, on the 21st of October 2018 I married my high school sweetheart, gave him my heart, took his last name, and we began our much anticipated, much awaited Poppily Ever After. At 16 years old I prayed for a friend, and the Lord sent me a 17 year old boy to be my best friend and I am so grateful I get to do life with this Man of God. I believe marriage is a calling, and I feel privileged to share my journey as a Wife for Life with you. You'll find a collection of stories and pictures through out the blog about our celebration of love under Our Wedding Day tab.

After four years in private practice as a Relationship Counsellor, Drew and I felt called to move from our home in Johannesburg to Dublin, Ireland in 2021. I went back to full time study (Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at Trinity College Dublin), and you can follow along on our Expat Life in Dublin where you will find us chasing castles and coffee shops. Moving cities or countries is one of the most stretching and bonding things you can do as a couple, so after a 2 year long hiatus from writing, I am beginning again. Or maybe its more like continuing again. Not from where I left off, but from where we are now.

My process of writing this 'About Me' section is revealing in itself. I wrote a version of it when I first started this blog sitting at the airport on a layover on our way back from honeymoon. It kept me good company as a newlywed eagerly sharing as the new Mrs Poppleton. Four years later I have all new kinds of things to share as Simone, Mrs Poppleton, Daughter of God, D.Counselling Psychology Student, Foreigner in a New Land, Coffeeholic, Storyteller, Fashion Lover & Foodie.

My prayer for my blog is much the same four years on - that it will honour God and be seasoned with Grace, that it will be a Light, and bring Him Glory, that I may connect to even 1 person in a meaningful and purposeful way. I pray you will experience my blog as real and relatable, that you, my friends, will be blessed as much as writing for you blesses me. My commitment to this blog, and to you, is I will speak what is true, that my intentions and motivations will be pure, my words rooted in and reflect His love, I will be bold and brave in my sharing, always strive to promote kindness, and be intentional with my loving, and intentional with my living so that who I am online is the same person you'd meet over a cup of coffee.

My longing to return to this blog has been brewing for some time now, but I am so excited to have once again taken the plunge, and cannot espresso how much it beans to me that you're reading this. 

With All My Love


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