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12 Wearable Winter Wardrobe Wants

“Fashion is the most powerful art there is – it is movement, architecture and design all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we would like to be”

~ Blair Waldorf

I visited Europe and I was in fashion heaven. From the design elements, to the architecture, to the fashion, Europeans are chic and exude style without having to try very hard. The clothing stores appeal to the international market. 16 million tourists walk the streets of Amsterdam every year let alone all those who visit the other 43 European countries. European fashion is fun and functional. Walking and cycling is a way of life so comfort is essential. They manage to pull off this casual chic style effortlessly. Fashion is not reserved for women only. The men dress beautifully. The men are well put together, well groomed with a flair for attention to detail. There is an awareness of trends and fashion but each person seems to interpret the trends in their own way making fashion feel accessible, fluid and organic.

And to top it all off European stores often house their own coffee station, an ode to the flourishing coffee culture that makes me feel so at home.

I know I am writing this in the peak of a heat wave in South Africa, but this post is for those fortunate enough to be travelling to the Northern Hemisphere for the festive season and wanting packing tips, or those who are like me and plan a season in advance. So based on high street fashion, runway fashion & street fashion I want to share with you my 12 Wearable Winter 2019/2020 Wardrobe Wants:

1. Chunky Sweaters

Paired with midi skirts and either sneakers or pointy toe boots. It was common to see chunky sweaters with a matching skirt to create a two-piece look. But if you choose to wear different tones pick midi skirts that are knitted and flared, knitted and pencil, metallic or pleated. What I love about this look is that its transitional – combining a winter piece with skirts that you may have worn in summer/ autumn is perfectly acceptable. Perfect for the cold but not freezing day, pair it with boots and tights.

Otherwise pair your chunky sweater with jeans and your favourite sneakers – done!

2. Accessories

Belted bags, velvet hair scrunchies, leather belts to clinch in blazers, oversized sweaters and more & baker boy (previously called poor boy) caps are the perfect addition to complete your look. We are having a total scarf movement. Hair scarves, neck scarves or handbag scarves in floral prints or pleated satin fabrics are a must have.

3. Moody Florals/ Country

Autumn/ Winter is bringing you some romantic, country charm in opulent styles in pleated silk, velvet and florals. Think long dresses in ruffled, moody florals and clinched in waists.

4. 70’s

Bell bottoms/ flared jeans, vests, turtlenecks, long jackets, faux fur coats, pleated skirts and camel/ earthy hues are all staples of seventies fashion. This is the trend I am most excited about! Earthy tones create a chic and elegant look. There is the resurgence of brown palettes from head to toe.

5. Colour Crush

Orange and Purple wouldn’t be considered typical winter hues, more commonly associated with Spring and Summer, but in 2019/2020 everything is coming up with wild splashes of colour, confidently worn head to toe. If a head to toe lavender is not your vibe, easily work in a touch of colour with your accessories. Purple and orange were strutting their stuff in stores. Pairlilac/ lavender with tan, and orange with animal print or black leather.

6. Leather

In terms of leather, its your new go to. From biker inspired louse leather trousers to high waisted, high shine, fitted leather trousers, to floor length leather trench coats, or leather slip dresses – faux leather is chic and you should invest in it immediately.

7. Organza/ See- Through Style

The sheer look is sexy, cool and here to stay. Try organza blouses in floral prints or bold colours like orange or lavender paired with boyfriend jeans, leather skirts, or louse trousers. This winter/ autumn is about going big and not playing safe with fashion, so extra points if your organza blouse has puff sleeves or ruffles, ruffled collar or a pussy bow.

8. Animal Print

While leopard and cheetah print is here to stay, switch things up a bit and try some faux snake skin. This statement making pattern looks great as pants, a bodysuit, a midi skirt, handbag or if you're feeling adventurous than find yourself a pair of animal print boots or if you are feeling super extra, embody your inner Dolce & Gabana and wear animal print head scarf, with animal print cat eye sunglasses and an animal print fleece shirt...

9. Sneakers

I'll tell you what I don't want, what I really really don't want.... chunky sneakers. Show trends are moving away from ridiculous impractical footwear to items that are as comfortable as can be. Personally not a fan of the chunky 90’s style sneakers I saw paraded in all the stores but maybe your inner spice girl will.

10. Tops

There are three styles to look out for: collared shirts, turtlenecks and blouses with asymmetrical necklines.

The collar shirt is a classic. Try a new take on the classic with a leather shirt buttoned to the top. If you are feeling extra find one with oversized ribbon as a fastening at the neck of the shirt or where it with a shorter sweater and allow the shirt to hung out. Leath

Turtlenecks are taking the place of t-shirts. Worn under satin camisole dresses or under blazers (for men and women) to give a chic and professional vibe. It’s a must have versatile item for Winter. Otherwise pair a sleeveless turtleneck with boyfriend jeans or a ruffled midi skirt.

The asymmetrical neckline is a subtle take on the off the shoulder look, the hint of sex appeal and effortlessness makes it a winner for me.

11. Loafers/ Mules

Stylish loafers are Autumn’s must have shoe. I don’t think anything screams European chic like loafers….

It works as a flat comfortable shoe option, perfect for all day wear, worn with secret socks. Pair with boyfriend jeans, a baker boy (poor boy) cap and simple white or black tee, or a striped jumpsuit that can take you from day to night. Finish it off with a pinstripe coat on a cold day and a leather jacket on a warmer autumn's day.

12. Coats

Out with the short, in with the long. Winter 2019/2020 is all about the full-length coat. Keep it classic in earthy, camel tones, or pop in bright winter shades, 70's in fleece or since sparkle is shining its way through to 2020 why not try a jacket in metallic.

Following trends is fun, and a creative way to share with others who you are without having to say a word. Fundamentally more important than following trends though is valuing the woman inside the clothes, for it is not the clothes that will impact the world, it’s the woman wearing the clothes. So, I encourage you to choose to boldly step out every season as the confident, stylish & courageous woman you are, not for trends sake, but for your sake.

* All mood board inspiration has been taken from Pinterest. If items were available for purchase I added the link/ designer.


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