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Frequently asked questions

What is the mode of the RAMAYANA interactive series?

Ramayana series would be conducted onlline via Zoom. A link for the same would be provided to the regiistered candidates via a whatsapp group they will be added to once they have enrolled.

Is it going to be an interactive session?

Yes! All the sessions would be interactive.The idea is to make it a fun session with lots of learning. The narrator will be discussing different elements of the stories with the participants via a Q&A round.

From where would the stories be taken?

Stories will be sourced from all the original ancient scripts such as Anand Ramayan, Valmiki Ramayan, Adbhut Ramayan & Ramcharitmanas.

What is the fee?

The fee varies from region to region. To find out the fee structure for your region please click on the link below

Are the participants required to carry any tools (pen, book) for the session?

No. This is going to be a fun session and no such tools are required.

What are the dates for the 5 day session?

For participants from the USA & Canada : 17th July 2021 to 21st July 2021 For participants from UK region: 1st August 2021 to 5th August 2021.

Course Highlight

No of days: 5 Days No of Sessions: 5 Sessions Duration of Each Session: 1 hour Mode: Online Platform: Zoom Structural break up of each session: First 45 minutes: narration of story coupled with discussion & Q&A last 15 minutes: Introduction to a Mantra/Shloka Each Mantra/Shloka will be explained in detail highlighting the benefit/impact of chanting the said Mantra/Shloka.

What are the timings of the session?

The timings of the session will vary from region to region. However, broadly most seesions at Adisi are conducted between 7:00 pm IST & 9:00 pm IST. To find out the exact time of the session for your region please click on link below to join a whatsapp group for personal queries.

Does each particpant recieve a certificate after completeion of the course?

Yes, an E - Certificate is awarded to each participant after the completion of the 10 day session.

What is the age group of the participants?

Anyone above the age of 5 years is welcome to join the session.